My wife purchased this straw to help me cope with effects of suffering from ESSENTIAL TREMOR! Normally, I cannot pick up a cup or mug because of shaking hands and therefore use a straw. Your product is perfect for me and, I am sure, others with Essential Tremor.

Bill in Vancouver


I enjoy my morning glass of celery juice with my little frog glass sipper!
Thank you so much for my new straws!

Susan in Toronto

Hi Aimee,I brought the 15 or so straws of various sizes and lengths I purchased at the Circle Craft Fair to Israel for gifts for my big and little cousins. They were a huge success. Easy to pack. Everyone oohed and awed at the unique gift. I gave each cousin their straw at Family meal. They were used immediately at the moment producing big smiles. ? Thank you!

Merle in Vancouver

I'm loving my iced coffee every morning with my flower straw!  Thanks
Devora in Princeton, NJ
From Our Etsy Customers

Dani Banani on Jan 24, 2017

5 out of 5 stars